Who Is Erin Carter (Original Series Soundtrack)

Who Is Erin Carter (Original Series Soundtrack)


1. Erin

2. Bad Feeling

3. Let’s Go

4. Into the Sea

5. Erin Arrives

6. Escape

7. Remember to Hide

8. Car Chase

9. Tired of Lying

10. Family Tree

11. Heist

12. I Know I’m a Bad Mother

13. Bullring

14. Buried Secrets

15. For Daniel

16. Moses

17. For Dylan

18. You Look Terrible

19. Harper’s Room

20. Tarragona

21. So Long

22. Something Good

23. Standoff

24. We’re Leaving

25. I See You


Music by:
Jack Halama

Produced by:
Jack Halama

Recording Engineers by:
Bence Bobak and Jack Halama

Mixed by:
Jason Elliot

Orchestrator by:
Nathan Klein

Guitar/Bass/Percussion/Piano by:
Jack Halama

Cello/Viola/Violin by:
Adiescar Chase

Cajun Accordion by:
Mathilde Koechlin

Cello solo by:
Tristan Horne

Orchestra by:
Budapest Film Orchestra

Hang Drum by:
Rosie Bergonzi

Percussion by:
Molly Lopresti

Brass by:
Marcus Hamblett

Drumkit by:
Adam Betts

Woodwind by:
Tamsin Clark-Barrett