Going Home (Original Series Soundtrack)

Going Home (Original Series Soundtrack)


1. The Way Home (Theme)

2. Road Back to You

3. Gonna Find a Way Home

4. Beautiful Stillness

5. By Your Side (Acoustic)

6. Brent's Song

7. Rest Within My Wings

8. Take Care of Each Other

9. By Your Side (Full Length)

10. I'm Going Home Today

11. Angel Fly

12. Rest Within My Wings (Mason's Passing)

13. Road Back to You (Piano Version)

14. Beautiful Stillness

15. Charley Hospital Flashback

16. Moving Moments

17. Pray for Me

18. Now I'm Here for You

19. Lisha Raven

20. Sadie Grief Share

21. Janey & Mario Kiss

22. Dr. Jack Podcast

23. Flowers for Charley

24. Tamara Steppin' Up

25. Gonna Find a Way Home (Instrumental)

26. Open the Window, Dear


Music by
Stephen Phillips and Nate Merchant

Produced by
Stephen Phillips and Nate Merchant

Mastered by
Anders Peterson at GS Mastering & Post

Thank You's
Joel Roman, Kara Merchant, Rich Peluso, Cynthia Geary, Cozi Zuehlsdorf, Lisa Shaw Phillips