Gen V (Prime Video Original Series Soundtrack)

Gen V (Prime Video Original Series Soundtrack)


1. Sage Grove Center

2. Fieldtrip

3. Uncut

4. Chase

5. Marie and Cate

6. Unusual Proclivity

7. The Woods

8. Flashpoint

9. You Can't Forget

10. Interrogations

11. Avenue V

12. Clash of Supes

13. It Was All a Dream

14. Et Tu Andre

15. I've Never

16. It Was All a Nightmare

17. Tipsy Trespassing

18. Ambulance

19. Justice

20. Protest

21. Livestream

22. What Kind of an Animal?

23. God U Promo


Music by:
Christopher Lennertz and Matt Bowen

Produced by:
Christopher Lennertz and Matt Bowen

Featured Vocalist

Featured Musicians:
Ro Rowan (Cello), Sarah Lipstate (Guitar) and Dan Bailey (Drums)

Score Assistants:
Brandon Guillot and Annah Tencic

Nashville Music Scoring

Orchestra Engineer:
Nick Spezia

Orchestra Assistant Engineer:
Katelyn Prieboy

Music preparation:
David Shipps and Sammy Sanfilippo

Mastered by:
Anders Peterson at GS Mastering & Post

Thank You's:
Eric Kripke, Michele Fazekas, Seth Rogan, Evan Goldberg, James Weaver, Michaela Starr, Phil Sagriccia, Sarah Kovacs, Laura Engel, Richard Kraft and Tony Scudellari

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